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Thu, Jun 2, 2011 3:58 AM


Lightroom: Sorting and filter in import dialog

I frequently work a job that requires JPGs on site and raw files for post the next day. I have to work fast and would like to be able to sort images on my card by file type, so I can quickly import the JPGs for immediate output to 4x6 proofs. A subsequent step is to copy the raw files to a separate folder for processing after the job is over.

Currently I'm directing LR's import dialog to look at the desktop that has no images, then sorting and selecting by file type in my OS file browser, and dragging the selected JPGS onto the LR dialog window, where their status is "checked". The raw files on the same card show as unselected/unchecked in the dialog window, interspersed with the selected JPG files. It's a little busy and hard to quickly see that I have all the desired files selected for import.

Could you just make a sort by "file type" option in the import dialog that would group and separate the JPGs from the raw files? Thanks... Tom Meyer


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4 y ago

I can't believe how long this has been requested, this should be in LR already.

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3 y ago

I've got it! I found a work around to quickly select only the RAWs when import to Lightroom.

First you have to enable the "Treat JPEG files next to Raw files as separate photos." option in Lightroom preferences. Next, when importing, don't use the "Import..." button to start the process, instead go to your SD card on Finder (or whatever source) and sort by Kind and select only the RAWs, then drag the RAW files and drop them on the Lightroom icon on the Dock, this will make Lightroom initiate the import process with only the RAWs selected! That's it!

This has been tested on a Mac, as this is what I use, on Windows you probably would have to select the RAWs and use the right click Open With.. context menu option, but I can't confirm it since a don't have a Windows computer with Lightroom installed.



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10 m ago

For reference by future readers:  LR 7 added a File Type sort order to the Sort menu in the toolbar at the bottom of the Import window.