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Wed, Sep 2, 2015 8:03 PM


Lightroom - sort photos by dimensions

Can we get the ability to sort photos by dimentions in Lightroom CC. I'm using photos for a video presentation and need photos large enough to allow zooming in to show features. This is avaiable in Photoshop Bridge, but Lightroom is far more efficient at this. In the past, I believe that you've wanted to induce folks to buy photoshop, but now anyone with Lightroom CC also has photoshop anyway so no reason to cripple lightroom CC.

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5 years ago

Previously, LR didn't have the ability to sort by dimensions. I haven't looked for the feature lately, but I'm guessing it's still not there.

An easy workaround (and actually a much better solution for my particular workflow) is to create a Smart Collection. There, you can set up a pretty nice rule set that includes dimensions, megapixels, rating, etc. That's the first place I'd suggest looking.

Beyond that, I believe folks have used a number of plug-ins, including Jeffrey Friedl's Data Explorer and/or Megapixel Sort or John Beardsworth's ListView , depending on your exact needs.