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Tue, Jul 25, 2017 6:16 PM

Lightroom: Sort on capture date/time not applied when copy-paste of metadata with capture date/time

When I copy/paste the metadata (with capture date/time selected) of one photo to another photo (which didn't have any date/time set), the metadata is copied correctly, but the sorting of photos (sort on capture date/time) is not reapplied.

Manually changing the ordering does not seem to work. When switching back to 'order by capture date/time' the photo is still not put in the right position.

When changing the capture date/time via Metadata > Edit Capture Time, the photo is correctly reordered.

My expectation is that after pasting metadata, containing a new capture date/time, the photo would be reordered correctly.

I'm using Lightroom 6.12.

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Lightroom: Still inconsistent capture date/time for photos and videos


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4 y ago

In your Metadata panel are three different times that can be used to describe Capture Time. Compare the entries from your Copy and Paste metadata vs your Edit Capture Time and see if all of the correct fields are getting populated. 

A couple of screen captures of the times in your Metadata panel might be helpful. 
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This is a long-time issue in Lightroom. The only one of the dates you can edit in the metadata panel is not the one that Lightroom uses to sort by. Some of these metadata fields are supposed to be kept in sync, and by editing one of them, you break that rule too.

My advice is to use the Metadata : Edit Capture Time command if it fills your needs. In this way, Lightroom has the ability to keep everything copacetic. If you still feel the need to copy/paste the capture time, then look at this post for a couple of ways to make it work.