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Tue, Feb 12, 2013 3:49 PM


Lightroom should show image dimensions in cm/in at set resolution

This is about Lightroom and printing related:

I would like to see file dimensions in cm/in if I give the required resolution (or the resolution could be read from metadata). Now it is only possible to see pixel dimensions of a file. Clients send me ready to print jpg-files at 360PPI and it would be nice to be able to check the size they have already set. Now I have to go to Photoshop to check the size and then back to Lightroom, make correct size cell and then print.

For the same purpose, there should be printing option "do not resize/resample" for printing jpg/tif files. Then I would check it and file would be printed at set print resolution at whatever size it results.

If these two things would be added, I could just import the file, inspect the size, for example 20x30cm @360PPI. Then I would go to print module and make a 20x30cm cell and print it without resizing/resampling @360PPI print resolution.

Or I could just go straight to print module and set Print resolution to 360 PPI, then add cell and alter the size to find out image dimensions (if "do not resize" would be on, image would be cropped if cell is too small and white would be added to borders, if cell size too big).


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8 years ago

I have just posted a Photoshop Family Feature Request concerning adding ability in Lightroom to read and display the image file EXIF ‘Resolution’ and ability to use it the Export ‘Image Sizing’ panel with capability to ‘Scale by %.” Please review the suggestions, add your comments, and a +1 vote if you feel the changes would be beneficial. Thank you.