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Fri, Aug 17, 2018 5:19 PM


Lightroom: should ignore track points missing times.

Map Auto-Tag fails on track logs with track points missing times

If a GPX tracklog has track points with missing times, Auto-Tag Photos fails with "No matching photos", and the progress bar shows an 'Auto-Tag Photos using Tracklog" task that never completes:

The fix is trivial -- LR should simply ignore track points missing times.

To reproduce:

1. Download the following folder containing a .gpx track log and sample photos:

2. Import the photos.

3. In Map, do Map > Tracklog > Load Tracklog and select the .gpx file.

4. Do Map > Tracklog > Time Zone Offset and adjust the displayed start time of the tracklog to be 9:56 AM.

5. In the filmstrip, select the photo 2018-31_001.jpg and do Map > Tracklog > Auto-Tag Photos.

6. Observe "No matching photos" and the task in the progress bar that never completes.

7. Exit LR.

8. Edit the .gpx file in a text editor and remove these lines, which are missing times:

9. Repeat steps 3 - 5, and observe that Auto-Tag Photos succeeds.

Tested on LR 7.4 / Macos 10.13.6.


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2 years ago

Device used to generate the tracklog was a Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 using "Memory Map" as the software App.  

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2 years ago


thanks for reporting the issue. We will work on fixing this.