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Tue, Jun 28, 2011 10:02 PM


Lightroom: Second Screen Grid view like main grid view

Currently when using two screens you can set the second screen to show a library grid view, too.
I had to learn though that this works differently from the "normal " one. When you select multiple files there and press "Del" only the first one is deleted, not all selected (like in the main screen).
This is not intuitive or helpful.
I have a frist 30 inch and a second 19 inch monitor. Since I want maximum size of the individual picture I have screen one big size and the overview (grid) on the second screen as thumbnails are less important in size and can be resized anyways.
That grid view is a little crippeled currently.
Shoudl be easy to change / program. Maybe as an option in preferences.


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9 years ago

HI Guido, yes - this is yet another case where photo targeting differs in Lightroom - drives me crazy. You get my vote, although I'd prefer a more thorough solution in the form of unified/simplified photo targeting.



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9 years ago

Guido, have you considered picking up LR's main window and moving that to the other screen, and then having your large image as LR's second screen instead?

I do agree with your request - I'd love to be able to put the whole Library module on one screen and Develop on the other - but that might at least help a little in the meantime.

Also check the Metadata menu > Enable AutoSync when in Library module, and anything you do should apply to all selected photos rather than just the one shown on the main LR window. Just be careful with that, because it's easy to automatically apply a setting to multiple photos without realising you have them selected.

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8 years ago


A very old library bug still needs to be fixed in version 4.1 (it was already reported at least once last year but obviously ignored).

Let's assume I have some images in a folder that have been modified. Automatic updating of the XMP files is disabled. So these images now have the down arrow icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnail in the grid view, indicating that the XMP file should be updated. Normally, I can update all the XMP files in one shot by selecting all the modified images in the grid view and hitting Ctrl S.

I'm using a dual screen configuration.

Case #1

I have the grid view on the main display and the loupe view on the second display. Everything works as described above.

Case #2 (bug)

I have the grid view on the second display and the loupe view on the main display. This is a more natural setting since I always have the image on the main display when using the Develop module. In this case, selecting the modified images in the Grid view on the second display and hitting Ctrl S doesn't give the expected result : the XMP file is saved/created only for the most selected image.

It's very strange because LR seems to have a different internal representation of an image selection in the grid view depending on which screen it is displayed. For a developer this means that the presentation layer is not indepedent from the processing layer. No good.

Thanks in advance.

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Lightroom 4.1 old library bug.