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Mon, Nov 11, 2013 9:53 PM


LIGHTROOM Second Monitor is not the true image in develop module.

Give me my pixels back!!!

The second monitor issue is a real pain. It is not even good as a presentation monitor for clients which was a nice way for them to talk and not have to look over my shoulder. Now I don't dare have them look at the second monitor image because it is just not at all accurate.

When in Develop mode it is soft. If zoomed in to 2:1 or higher there is NO pixelation! I want to see the true Image not a "rendering" of the image. This is a tool for editing, cataloging, presenting, printing, etc.... Decisions are being made based on what is on the screen.

I shoot RAW and edit in this tool because I want to have that control. If I wanted to relinquish control I would shoot jpg.

The same goes for this software. I want to see the true image down to the pixels, and not the software representation of the image.

It can't be that difficult to simply use the same image on two monitors. It is most likely easier to do than re-construct the image in an interpolated resolution for a second monitor.

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