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Tue, Jul 5, 2011 10:11 AM

Lightroom SDK: LrDialogs.message truncates instead of wrapping

Since Lr3 I've not been able to see whole messages like in Lr2 - 'twas better before.

For example, now its:


instead of how it used to be like:


Dunno why this was changed so for the worse, but please let us see whole messages in LrDialog boxes. Wrapping would be great instead of truncating...


4.5K Messages


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9 years ago

Just noticed the info, warning, & error message boxes will compress the interior of a "too long" string into '...' (when its in the smaller subtext that is), its the message boxes with 'Do Not Show' that just truncate.
I'd prefer wrapping in all cases, but if the 'Do Not Show' boxes behaved the same as the info, warning, and error boxes, that'd do...

It could be that the only thing changed since Lr2 is the width of the dialog box, and it was wide enough to accomodate most file-paths before, which are the most frequent offenders.

In any case, I would think always wrapping, never truncating nor compressing, and just scrolling if the message is very long would be preferred behavior.