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Sat, Jan 26, 2019 4:41 AM

Lightroom SDK: Floating dialogs always in back, never in front, in Screen Mode > Full Screen

In LR 8.1 / Windows 10 in Window > Screen Mode > Full Screen, floating dialogs always appear hidden in back of the main LR window, and calling the toFront() function has no effect.  This prevents my Any Crop and Any Filter plugins from being used in Full Screen mode.

On my Windows configuration, this only happens in Screen Mode > Full Screen, not the other modes, but on at least one other Windows machine, this also happens in Screen Mode > Full Screen With Menubar.

The bug does not occur on Mac OS 10.13.6.

This simple plugin demonstrates the bug:  

Invoke Library > Plug-in Extras > Floating Dialog in the various Screen Modes.

The command executes this simple code:
LrDialogs.presentFloatingDialog (_PLUGIN, {
    title = "Floating Fullscreen Bug",
    contents = f:push_button {title = "Push Me"},
    showErrors (function (t) 
        LrTasks.startAsyncTask (showErrors (function ()
            LrTasks.sleep (5)
            t.toFront () 


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2 years ago

Thanks for letting us know, John.
I have downloaded your plugin. We will investigate.