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Fri, Dec 9, 2016 5:07 PM

Lightroom: Save/Load Definitions for "Copy Settings"

In the daily work, i use the "Copy Settings" Feature very much. I have in most cases the same checkboxes checked, but in a few situations a need other checkboxes, for example, when i want copy ONLY white balance or another setting. After this copy job, i need to check many many checkboxes again to get my default checkbox-board. Its not really efficient.

My wish is a possibility to save the "set of checkboxes" and load it, when i need it. 

Alternative was a simplier variant:

[ Set Default ] [ Load Default]


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4 years ago

great idea!

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4 years ago

Second that, great idea. Great job too on giving a visual example :-)

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4 years ago

I like this, too. Or at least group 'Local Adjustments', 'Transform', 'Spot Removal', and 'Crop' in their own area in the Copy Settings window. These are the adjustments that rarely, if ever, get copied by anyone, myself included.