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Mon, May 16, 2011 6:21 AM

Lightroom reorders new collections (made from previous collections)

I think the following scenario is a BUG - please let me have your thought Adobe.

I create a collection - I call it gallery_images. In that collection, I re-organize the order of the images (because they will be going to my website so I'll be needing to export them out in a certain collection order).

I can do that, and Lightroom can handle that no problem.

I then want to create a 2nd collection for thumbnails of that same previous collection and I do that by creating a new collection, and copying those images to my thumbnail collection from that gallery.

No problem.

I then create VIRTUAL copies of those images in the Thumbnail collection, and REMOVE the originals from that collection so that the thumbnail collection has ONLY Virtual copies of what is in the Gallery collection (I do this because I set up Preset Exports and will want to create thumbnails which may be cropped versions - i.e. not all thumbnails are exact copies of their larger versions, some thumbnails will be cropped versions, so they'll look different).

What LIGHTROOM does when I remove the copies, in order to leave just the Virtual copies, is that it BREAKS the ORDERING I gave at the beginning of this process for the Thumbnail collection.

So, if I had 30 images in my gallery collection and I re-ordered them before exporting the files (for my web gallery), and I then create the thumbnail collection using the method I described above to create thumbnails for those 30 images, the thumbnail collection order will be wrong (I think it returns back to how they were before reordering of the Gallery collection took place).

WHY ?? And is this correct and not a bug ??

I think it's a BUG.




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10 y ago

Jez, try this as a workaround:

Create your gallery images collection
Re-order as before
Select all

But then go to New Collection and create the new collection with the 'create virtual copies' checkbox checked.

At least in my tests, it retains the sort order correctly, so it should solve you problem at least until your current process is fixed.

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