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Sat, Jan 16, 2016 7:01 PM


Lightroom Rename Applying incorrect Capture time when Renaming video

The rename functionality within Lightroom 5.7 ( “Menu>Library>Rename Photo”) is broken when renaming video files using filename templates that contain the “Date” tags. This is only an issue with rename as the problem doesn’t occur during the initial import of the video files into the catalog using the exact same template. The problem appears to only affect video files and not my RAW or JPEG files.

***UPDATE*** I've found that for MTS files imported from our Sony Handycam the issue occurs during catalog import as well. ***UPDATE***

My filename template contains a “Custom Text” tag followed by the capture date. For example:
5diii.November 21, 2015-18.05.35.MOV

Rather than use the capture time the bug in the rename functionality pushes the file’s name 6 hours into the future. This is what led me to uncover the problem as a directory from 21st of the month contained files named as if they’d been shot on the 22nd...

As noted the initial import works just fine so as a test I removed one of the affected video file from my library, moved it to another part of the disk, and then re-import the file. Upon doing this the file’s name correctly reflected the capture time. (Note I had to move the file because the import dialog hides the rename option if the file is in the same path it’s going to be imported into – could be annoying for some).

See the included screen captures for details of what I've said here.

While the above workaround is a viable it’s a very painful one as my custom tag is based on my camera model. To preserve that I had to isolate all my video files by model and re-import each separately applying the correct custom tag to my template. Under Windows 10 this isn’t too big a deal using both search and copy, but it still took a good hour and was only made easier by the fact that, unlike my still images, all my video images are in a single catalog. That said the catalog spans 10 years and includes ~2500 files. In that time my wife and I have used 7 different cameras and 5 different smartphones which is what made it a pain.

I happen to in UTC-6, but changing my timezone on my PC doesn’t seem to affect the problem and even then I’d expect the value to be 6 hours in the past and not 6 hours in the future - unless an absolute value is being applied. That said I have no idea if LR is determining my time zone from my IP address and not looking at the system time but I’d be surprised if that were the case so this is probably just a coincidence.

Finally, I’ve only had to rename files in my video catalog if I forgot to set the “Custom Text” for the camera model. Not doing so defaults the custom text to ‘untitled’. It would be nice if LR threw an warning if this was the case as I doubt most people intend their file names to contain untitled. IF possible I could see this being an optional setting ("Warn custom tag not specified") stored on the template that is set to true by default, otherwise a global catalog setting would be nice.

On a related note once an instance of LR has been used to perform an import the custom text is retained until LR is restarted. While a nice feature, this has caused me to accidentally apply custom text for the wrong camera if I import from multiple sources in one session and forget to change the custom tag. A similar option warning would be nice (i.e. “Warn custom tag when changing source”)

The video in question as it appears in my catalog alongside file system details from Windows 10:

The video in question re-imported with the correct date along side the incorrectly named one. Note that I brought up the rename dialog on the correctly named file and the preview shows the name reflecting the 6 hour shift:

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