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Tue, Mar 17, 2015 2:09 AM


Lightroom: Quickly identify and reset develop tool adjustments

Currently, whenever pasting settings or applying a preset, there is no easy or quick way of identifying if the pasted settings or preset included any tools adjustments (brushes, gradient filters, etc.)

First, I'd like a way to quickly see if a certain tool has been used. If, for example, a gradient filter has been applied, then the gradient filter icon would be highlighted when entering Develop module. If a radial filter was also applied to the image, then then the Radial Filter icon would also be highlighted. (See example mockup attacked).

This would prevent us from having to cycle through every tool (which I do often) to see what adjustments affect the image.

Second, once I know which tools affect the image, I would like to be able to quickly reset them. I know that a hotkey does exist for the Crop tool (Ctrl+Alt+R while in Develop module), but not for the rest.

It would be really convenient to be able to Alt+click on the respective tool icon to simply reset its settings (without having to click on the tools and then click Reset, switch to another tool, click Reset, Close, etc.).

So if I wanted to reset the Gradient Filter, Radial filter and Brushes, I would simply hold Alt then click-click-click the three icons and it would be done.

It feels that this would be something fairly easy to implement. What do you think?




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6 y ago

I particularly like the idea of highlighting tools that have been used - I'd find that useful too.

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6 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom: Indicate that which tools (crop, spot removal, local adjustments) have....

When spot removal, grad filter, radial filter, crop or Adjustment brush has been applied to an image it would be nice that this is flagged somewhere in the UI.
As for now you have to dive into each tool and see if it have been applied to the photo.

Maybe you could hight light the tool with a color to indicate that this tool is in use on the picture in question?