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Wed, Apr 17, 2019 10:04 PM

Lightroom: Question on using Smart Previews after accidentally deleting the original Files

So, my OS broke down and had to recover the system. I didn't loose any important photos. I have previously made smart previews and synced collections, I also have the original raw files on the SD card. I have sent the links with the collections to clients, they have rated and commented on the photos. But after the recovery I lost my latest lightroom catalog. The smart previews got downloaded on my laptop with the edits and comments etc inside the library. I then imported the originals from the SD card again in lightroom, but i cannot assign the smart previews to the originals, as lightroom states that one file can be associated only with one file. Is there any solution? Apart from deleting the smart previews, generating new and manually transferring the comments of the clients.  Thanks in advance!


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