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Sat, Jun 18, 2011 9:45 PM


Lightroom: Provide "Tip of the Day"

Most of Lightroom can be figured out just by trial and error, however there is a fairly large set of things that are usually either never learned or only learned over the course of years...

I personally love programs with a tip-of-the-day function, so that one can learn one new thing each time starting up, then go about one's work.

Great for people who don't read manuals cover-to-cover before turning on their thingies (or people who forget things ;-}

EditPadPro's tip of the day:

To this I would add a checkbox for "don't show this tip next time around" - allows one to control which reminders continue to comes up, since some are already ingrained in repertoire and some aren't.

This suggestion would primarily aid newbies, although I bet some season'd vets might be surprised what they don't know yet, or have forgotten...


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9 years ago

Agree...and it can always be disabled so the experts won't be bothered