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Thu, Jan 12, 2012 4:09 PM


Lightroom: Provide alternate map provider (online/offline) in map module

Currently only google is availble.
I read somewhere that it may stop working in 5 years
So it would be good to have alternate map provider

Also we do not always have internet access on the field, so being able to use an offline map would really help (example nasa map are copyriht free)
if these map do not allow use in commercial software, then it would be good to provide an API so that developper can create plugins adding such ability.


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9 years ago

I'm sure that something will be done witihin 5 years if Google plan to stop Google Maps.

I would like to see an option, possible in the preferences for another provider, (some time in the future( right now I am more than happy that this feature has been added to LIghtroom (beta)

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9 years ago

I use photoshop elements but would like to see the offline facility.

I would really like the mapping providers get together and define a standard interface, then it would be much easier to select which service we wanted.

I can but dream


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9 years ago

In LR4 i'd like to use in the Map module other maps than google maps.
In France , IGN is better than G. Maps.

I 'd like to export a pdf file of this map, with the pictures position .

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
LR4 : using other maps than Googlemaps.

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9 years ago

The problem is not that Google maps will stop working in five years (no way) but that apparently Adobe's deal with Google limits the lifetime of the Map module to five years.

After five years, you will lose the Map module unless you upgrade to a newer version of Lightroom.

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9 years ago

Maybe maps would do the job (there you can also export Maps to prepare for an offline shooting)

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8 years ago

This option of an alternative map would definitely be a big plus for Lr.

Please Adobe !!!!!