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Wed, Jul 6, 2011 2:46 PM


Lightroom: Provide a large preset preview when you hover over a preset

I have numerous presets. It is a hassle to not be able to see the image options in the main viewing window but just the minature navigator window which is not realistic to use to see possible outcomes. If we could hoover our mouse over the preset and see them as we go on, it would increase productivity (ctrl z, preset, cnrll z), and be easy on our capacity for production.


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3 y ago

Seriously? Large preset preview is still not implemented in latest April update? For over six years this request is being ignored... :( And there also isn't given an estimation when this feature would be implemented in the future... Poor support...

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3 y ago

It is now available in the new update 4/5/18 but there needs to be on off switch for those who hate it like me! Bogs down my entire system and it confuses me into thinking I've already applied it.

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3 y ago

Wow, I was waiting for this to be implemented at least as long as the original post. It drove me crazy, especially when I had to work on a macbook. Please never ever remove this feature now we finally got it.

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3 y ago

i have a slow machine. will it be able to have an option to turn it off? im gladly if it have an option to set it.

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3 y ago

After all these year  they implement this and then:A. make it so that you can't turn off.
B. Makes LR completely unsuable because it eats all system resources ( the few LR actually uses of modern 2018 hardware )
C. sometimes doesn't respond to clicking a preset. If it does it shows the preset jumping on  screen. Like it has trouble deciding what you even clicked before. 
D. Suddenly showing presets you hovered two seconds ago.
D. Delays with previewing a preset. Sometimes even 1 to 2 seconds.

I'm  running 2018 specs and gpu is disabled.

Doing advanced color grading in Davinci Resolve with RAW video playing back at 24fps a second in realtime.

Running fine on my hardware. Lightroom is using STILLS can't even make this basic stuff work.

Does Adobe even launch their own builds?  Hey i have a new build. Let launch it 1 time to see if it will work..

Seems like this part doesn't even happen.
It's one big parody show at Adobe.
All they do is releasing alpha versions. These updates can't even be classified as BETA versions.

I want a refund for all the time this costs  and shit this is causing. Who pays for a shitty product?

If i buy something and it doesn't work, you get a refund or you get a product that works.
It's as simple as that.

I'm tired of all these sugar coted Adobe experts who tell you it's all gonna be fine. 

Oh well, the new version had a bumpy start. I call BS.
Tell it like it is. Adobe screwes this up again and again and it's time they should see and feel the consequences of their actions.

No subscribers is no money. That are tons of awesome alternatives to all your products. 

You are not unique or special and sooner or later you will realize what you've done.

Professional end users are not your beta testers Adobe.

I cancelled my subscription, even i do rely on  Lightroom. But capture one is running side by side.
I don't need your product and more professionals should take a stand on this matter.