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Sat, Jan 18, 2014 11:33 PM

Lightroom Producing Incorrect Metadata Status - Return of an Old Problem

I imported a batch of recent RAW photos into Lightoom 4.4 and see that a number of the photos are displaying the icon warning that metadata has been changed in Lightroom although the affected photos have only just been imported into the catalog and I have not made any changes to them. 130 photos out of a batch of 300 are being affected. I have selected the affected photos and re-read the metadata using Metadata / Read Metadata from File, but within a couple of minutes of being re-read, the metadata changed icon has reappeared.
The .xmp files with the photos were created via Bridge in CS6 and then imported into LR4.4 a couple of weeks later. I've also tested this in the latest download of LR5.3 and the same thing happens.

I've only just discovered this feedback area but had originally posted my problem in the forums - - but I can see that this problem of LR incorrectly changing metatdata status has been around for some time as identified in these other feedback reports :

According to the feedback report for LR3.5 this appears to have been fixed in LR3.6 but returned in LR4.x and is still present in LR5.3 - can this be refixed for the release of LR5.4 ??


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