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Tue, May 5, 2015 6:34 PM

LIGHTROOM - Problems in remaking face recognition

There is no option to redo the face recognition research.
If a person is ignored in the initial research, then there's no way to do facial recognition again, unless it is manually (picture by picture)


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5 years ago

Moderator, this should be merged with:

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3 years ago

I find a solution for remaking face recognition.
If you deleted the face recognition patterns, and want to rescan all the pictures of a specific directory :
- copy the metadata into the pictures files, in order to keep them ;
- delete the pictures from Lightroom data base ;
- re-import them.


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2 years ago

Lightroom 7.3 is now available

This version of Lightroom contains a much improved face engine and the ability to re-index photos for faces. See for details.