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Wed, Aug 24, 2011 7:23 AM

Lightroom printing module: images shifting in their cell at print time.

Hi forum,

While trying to print from Lightroom, I ran into the following issue, that might be a bug:

In the Lightroom printing module, I have set up a vertical page containing a number of image cells. I import images into those cells and drag those images into place in order to fit them nicely within the frame (cell). When I print the page, the images all shift back to one side within the cell and all image positions get reset somehow (I have attached examples; one image shows the page setup, the other one the .pdf print preview with shifted images within their cell).

I am using a 'custom package', and I have checked the option 'rotate to fit'.

I have been trying to solve this issue and when I set up the same page in horizontal orientation, this shifting of images within their cell does not occur, and the image prints nicely! What do you think; is it a bug or do I do something wrong?

Apple iMac, OS-X Lion, Lightroom 3.4.1, Epson R2880.




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9 years ago

I've been working on trying to reproduce this issue in house but I'm not seeing the image shifting you show in the attached screenshots. I have a few quesions-

1. What paper size are you using?
2. What size are the cells you are creating - does this happen with any cell size?
3. Are you only having trouble with this layout? Or does this happen on with all custom package layouts?

Jeff Van de Walker
Lightroom QE

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9 years ago

Yeap, that is OK