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Sat, Oct 20, 2018 4:08 PM

Lightroom: Printing Contact Sheets - Images get unaligned when captions wrap to two lines.

In Print module, I am using a contact sheet layout to generate composites of school portraits. When the student names are long enough to wrap to two lines, often the layout compensates by either shrinking the image or shifting it up and out of alignment with the other images. My only work around is to print a second version with tiny print and combine the two images. Can the routine be changed to assign the caption to a separate cell so it doesn't mess up the image?


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2 years ago

My contact sheet use isn’t as critical, but I feel your pain! Interested to see if there’s a workaround or bug fix.



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2 years ago

Hi Lee,

Can you please share detailed steps to replicate the issue? Also which contact sheet template you are using?