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Thu, Aug 2, 2012 2:13 PM


Lightroom: Post actions for Hard Drive Publish Services

I use Hard Drive Publish Services in order to export photos into my server. As Hard Drive Publish Services only exports photos on local harddrive I then sync them through operating system level batch process. It would be easier if Hard Drive Publish Services would configuring option to set actions after publish has been done. So the actions would not be executed after exporting each photo but after all exporting would be done.

I am aware that there is Ftp Publish Services but that is now really an option for me since my servers does not support that protocol. Use of rsync over ssh is far more convenient.

Btw: I rewrote this idea since previously it was moved under this idea: If it happens again I try not to delete it this time, sorry for the last time. These ideas seems to be similar but yet different implementation.

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8 years ago

What is different about "their implementation"?

Both are publish services, both ask for post-processing actions...



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8 years ago

If the issue is that you want a single batch-end-action not a per-photo-action then there is a command-line length limitation that disallows passing an arbitrarily long list of full-path-names to a single command, meaning only the first however many names would get passed to the rsync and then the rest would be cut off, which precludes having a single batch-end filename list that can be passed to an arbitrary process.

If LR was flexible enough to write a list of full-path-names to a file and then pass that filename to a command then you use some commands as the export action but it would only work in limited situations where the export action took a list of filenames, but I still think it should be an option.

In other words, LR should have the option to specify a per-file action and a per-batch action, where the per-file action can be configured to write the filenames to a file and the per-batch action is called with the name of the file the filenames had been written to. To help with multiple-batches running simultaneously, the filename of the file receiving the list of filenames could be autogenerated and communicated to both the per-file and per-batch actions. I believe this would work in both Windows and Mac environments. Photoshop droplets should also allow receiving a file that contains a list of filenames to perform the actions against.

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8 years ago

I guess this is not getting any attention and I am doomed to open port 21 on my servers. Kinda hate this but I gues there is not much to argue about.

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You got my vote :-), although I'd like this feature to be available for *all* publish services, not just hard-drive.

A plugin could help - dunno if any exist to do what you want, or if you'd be willing to use it...