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Mon, Aug 20, 2012 6:48 AM


Lightroom: possibility to "mark" a folder on external storage as being "available offline"

I have all my photos on external NAS storage. But often, I'm on the road with my laptop. It would be cool if I could mark folders as "available offline", so I could continue to work on the road where I don't have access to my NAS device. It would be more transparant and also faster and easier than a manual drag and drop from the NAS to the local harddisk. Also, people at home could continue to have access to the files on the NAS. Now, they don't, cause I've moved the folder to my local harddisk.




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8 years ago

I really like that idea Kris. A lot of people use Export as Catalog to take files out on the road, but if your main catalog usually lives on your laptop, your idea could be very helpful.

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8 years ago

the new smart previews in Lightroom 5 beta allow you to make some files "available offline". If this meets your needs perhaps you could mark the topic as implemented