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Wed, Sep 16, 2015 10:38 AM

Lightroom: Photomerging a stack ignores capture time - regardless of bugfix

I know that this has been reported as a bug, but it has been marked as solved, which - at least for me - it hasn't.

I usually forget to set the time in my camera when travelling to a different time zone, so I do so afterwards in Lightroom via Edit Metadata.
Among my photos there are shots for panoramas and bracketed shots. Usually I stack thes shots for further merging processing. From here there are two different scenarios:

  1. I expand the stack (and clutter my grid view), select all shots of a stack and start merging (it doesn't matter if I do that through the dialog or headless). The resulting dng gets placed conveniently next to the stacked photos, as it should and all is well. This is the bug that has been fixed in my LR 6.1.1/CC

  2. When however, I want to quickly process many stacks I like to have them collapsed. Starting merge actions from the top photo of any stack still results in all the stacked photos to be merged (nice!). The merged DNG however ends up somewhere in my photos, since the capture time is not adjusted. This is clearly the same bug which has been fixed for expanded stacks, only it hasn't been fixed at all

Once you get used to it, you either remeber to expand the stack before merging (and collapsing it afterwards) or you know at what hour to track down you merged photos. Both ways are rather annoying. Can anything be done about that?




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5 years ago

Hmm, I'm not able to reproduce that. Perhaps you could upload to Dropbox (or similar) sample pics that illustrate the problem. That will make it more likely Adobe might address it.