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Mon, Oct 8, 2018 4:42 PM

Lightroom: Photo selection lost when using "go to Collection" with Publish collections

When right clicking on a photo in the library grid (or using collection badge) and then using the option to "go to Collection" with a Publish collection as the destination, then the current photo selection is lost when LR switches to that Publish collection (the 1st Photo is always selected). Initially tested with LR Classic 7.5 with both library folders and regular collections as the source.

The reverse works ok to change back to the library folder or regular collection, photo selection is maintained.

It functions ok when switching to/from folders and a normal collections.

Tested also with CC2015.14 and the issue exists there as well (tested both LR versions with Win7 and Win10)
Used both Hard Drive publish collections and jfZenfolio publish collections during these tests.


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2 years ago

@Bruce Houstoun -- We will look into this issue. In the process we may contact you.

Adobe Administrator


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2 years ago

Thanks for reporting it.
This issue has been persisting for a while.
Let us evaluate and let you know.