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Tue, Nov 3, 2015 5:54 PM


Lightroom: Petition for proper RAW+JPEG support

Hi Adobe community. My name is Joseph; I run the website that used to be ApertureExpert (please, hold back your tears), currently branded as PhotoApps.Expert.

I've converted to Lightroom, but one of the biggest missing features for me and many others is a viable RAW+JPEG workflow. I've spoken to folks at Adobe about it and they don't believe it's a feature their customers need or want. I'm rallying to change their mind.

If this is something you're interested in seeing, please go to and comment there to "sign" the petition (and vote it up here as well, of course!). Adobe will see it and hopefully this will encourage them to add the feature.

If you're not sure why anyone would want this, please do read that post. I go into detail on a variety of reasons to shoot both RAW and JPEG — who knows, you might become a convert yourself!

Thanks a ton,


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5 years ago

Hey, there are tons of replies at the link to PhotoApps.Expert in Joseph's post above; Adobe please go there are appreciate the strength of opinion. This is a critical feature need and many of us can't continue using LR without it.

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4 years ago

As a professional photographer, the two biggest annoyances I have with Lightroom are slow performance when culling (Even with a fast computer and generating every type of preview Lightroom is sluggish when rapidly viewing a large number of photos), and support for JPG+RAW workflow. Adding useful JPG+RAW support would fix both problems. Please Adobe!

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4 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Efficient JPG+RAW management in Lightroom.

Typically I only want to develop 20% of my pictures in detail. The rest of them I do feel fine without some changes or it isn't worth it to spend some time.

That is why I typically capture JPG+RAW with my camera, so that automatic JPG processing is already performed within camera.
--> If Lightroom would have a similar efficient way to automatically process RAW files like the camera does, I would be fine to only capture RAW in camera. Using presets in camera raw is not fine, because I need to spend time to select the right preset.

Now, because I do have two files for the same picture, I want to see the JPG in Lightroom first. It is no option to display JPG and RAW side-by-side as now I need to do tagging twice if I do not decide on JPG or RAW first.

At some point in time I want to select if I want to leave RAW or JPG as original file - the not used files shall be cleaned up by Lightroom in order to save disk space.

Do you (Adobe) have something in feature pipeline to improve this process?

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4 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Stack RAW + JPEG versions.

It would be great if users could set Lightroom to automatically stack/unstack the RAW + JPEG versions of photos, similar to the RAW/JPEG workflow provided by Apple Aperture many years ago. 

This would allow for a myriad of viewing options; the RAW and JPEGs as separate files (current), RAW with JPEGs stacked underneath (for heavy editing) or JPEGs with RAW stacked underneath (for quick viewing). 

Ideally, the star ratings, flags, color ratings etc applied to the "top file" would apply to the "bottom" file, too. 



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"Ideally, the star ratings, flags, color ratings etc applied to the "top file" would apply to the "bottom" file, too."

Please add your me-too vote and details why you want that feature to this feature request:

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a year ago

As a non-professional, I would like to only process 10-20% of my photos, the rest can stay as it is developed to JPEG in my camera.

I have the following suggestion: When importing RAW+JPEG and do not treat them as seperate files, Lightromm already shows RAW+JPEG.

- With a simple click on either RAW or JPEG, the "priority" will be changed and the selected format will show on top of the stacked two files. It will be also highlighted in RAW+JPEG (in bold?).

- The format on top will be used for development and export.

- ratings, glags, etc. would apply to both formats

- A "standard setting" (either JPEG or RAW) during import would allow a customized workflow

Additionally, with a simple right-click on either JPEG or RAW text, a context menu could apper with e.g. "delete" or other options which would apply only to RAW or JPEG....