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Mon, Jun 15, 2015 7:17 PM


Lightroom: Person names not stored correctly in metadata

Lightroom 6 bug:
I have named people in Lightroom.
When I export an image, the names will export to both IPTC Keyword and IPTC Extension Persons Shown.
However, when I save the image metadata (cmd-S), the names will be saved only to the IPTC Keyword field.
To me, the correct place for person names would be the IPTC Extension Persons Shown field ONLY in both cases.
Or, at least I would like to select where I would like to store the names, either Keywords or Persons shown field.

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5 years ago

Moderator, please merge with:

LR's face recognition is designed to use keywords for representing people's names assigned to faces. When you assign a name, LR creates a keyword, and such keywords show up in the Keyword List and can be organized and searched for just like any keyword.

Thus it makes sense that such keywords are saved to IPTC:Keywords and XMP:Subject.

It's a bug that they're not also saved to IPTC:PersonsShown by Save Metadata To File. See the topic above.