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Wed, Apr 29, 2015 3:20 AM


LIGHTROOM - Person Keywords Need to Respect Keywords Hierarchy or Person Checkbox

Currently Person Keywords must be unique unlike normal keywords. Keywords traditionally respect the Hierarchy they are in and will tell you when you begin typing if it finds duplicates what the next highest level keyword is. Example: typing Bob would show "Bob > Work and Bob > Birthday" in the Keywords pane.

Before any images were tagged with faces I went to my keywords and edited the People ones to check the "Person" box. However, when I started tagging faces, I took the suggestions I was given. Thankfully I checked before I went too far, but I found that it was suggesting keywords to me that were NOT marked as Person. For example Birthday > Name was suggested instead of one I had told it was a Person keyword under People > Name.

Lightroom should respect hierarchy of keywords like the Keywords pane does or only suggest keywords that are tagged Person.


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3 years ago

This seems to be related to an issue I just observed
Looks like hierarchies and person-keywords are not a good combination yet.
Something to fix I think.



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3 years ago

 I believe Ann was tripping over bugs with face tagging and hierarchical keywords that were fixed in LR CC 2015.1 (June 2015):

I'm marking this topic as "solved" and will continue the conversation in your other topic.