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Mon, Jun 18, 2012 4:43 PM

Lightroom: Performance and optimization: LR is slow

LR 4 is excruciatingly slow. Until Adobe is able to do something about this I am recommending my students and readers continue to use LR 3 or switch to Aperture.


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6 years ago

my trouble with lagging was cured when i replaced the SSD drive with a conventional one. I tried all the performance tricks found on lots of threads, but nothing worked until the drive itself was replaced. There was nothing wrong with the drive or with the installation, just an incompatibility they haven't ironed out yet.

my $10/mo subscription keeps my LR and PS updated for FAR less than it would cost for standalone. And i'm pleased overall with how Adobe responds to its customers, appreciating the fact that they can't possibly cover the multiplicity of configurations and needs of so many millions of users.

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you're saying that LR ran better once you removed the SSD? In what ways did your performance improve?

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I read Bill's suggestion that ssds could be the problem with their slow random writes, but when I replaced my ssd that has just the catalog and previews on it with a HDD with the same catalog and previews, it slowed down during rendering 1:1 previews, just as the ssd did.

Bob Frost

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When you change disks, Windows (if Windows) defaults to not ignoring FUA (Forced unit access) meaning write-throughs are not cached for the short term and written in the background. The system and application wait for the write IO to complete.

control-panel->device manager->disk drives (on left)->, Properties->Policies Tab.

Check box on the right most, bottom box "Turn off Windows write-cache buffer flushing...."

if that box is greyed out, then it is the disk and/or device driver (HBA driver) that is preventing it from being changed. Sometimes software RAID drivers are like this as they cannot take a power failure with data corruption and thus must keep the media on disk written vs. cached.


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6 years ago

@Mary - you're saying that LR ran better once you removed the SSD? In what ways did your performance improve?

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5 years ago

While I use Lightroom it tends to flash rapidly. Can you give me an Idea of how to make it stop? If I had seizure it would through me into one.

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I have the same issue, mostly with the menu bar area (where the 'library' 'develop' 'map' 'book' etc text is)
I would recommend you go to preferences and turn OFF the GPU settings - don't let it use your GPU, and see if that helps. It definitely helped my whole UI from flashing and being super sluggish, but it didn't make that menu bar flashing thing go away!

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4 months ago

Improvements were made to Grid Scrolling in the latest Lightroom Classic Update (9.3).  Please see for more details.

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