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Fri, Apr 24, 2015 10:25 AM

Lightroom People: Allow me to pick the image that represents the person

The algorithm Lightroom uses to pick the 'cover' photo for a person seems to be the last image of them it can find... Either let me pick one, or at least prefer one from a high-rated image!

Some of mine have very unflattering images, a minor detail but important if a client sees the overview page!



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5 years ago

The faces shown in the People view depends on your current source photo selection. What ever 'cover' photo that you select might not be present as part of your current photo selection.

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a year ago

I wish LR would allow me to select the source photo for the 'cover' photo in People view. In the 'Index' view of People I have a number of cover photos that are completely blurred and unrecognisable, where there are really good photos of the same person. Could it not take the source photo for the cover as the first photo, where the user can select and drag the relevant photo to be the first photo.