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Thu, Feb 11, 2016 4:02 PM


Lightroom: Option to save all metadata to XMP file instead of PSD or TIFF etc.

Currently, when the "Automatically write changes to XMP" option is checked this ONLY writes metadata to an XMP sidecar file if the file being worked on is a proprietary format - eg. .CR2, .NEF etc.; if you're working on a .PSD (or .TIFF) file (eg. after editing it in Photoshop) then any develop module or keyword changes are written directly into the (often very large) .PSD file with no sidecar created. 

This is OK if you never back up your PSD files to a non-local device, as copying the changed files is pretty quick, but when backing up to a NAS or the Cloud etc., rewriting 100 huge .PSD files just because you added a keyword or changed the output sharpening setting is a huge overhead! 

The solution would be to add an option to make Lightroom store ALL metadata in sidecar files when the "Automatically write changes to XMP" option is checked. The files could be given an extension of xyz.psd.xmp etc. to differentiate them from the XMP files generated for same-named RAW files. 

With this option checked NO metadata would ever be written directly into files such as PSDs, TIFFS etc. and backups of changed metadata to network storage would only have to copy the relatively tiny .XMP files as is already the case for proprietary files. 

Clearly the code to create such .XMP files is already in place for the other base file types so enabling it for .PSDs and TIFFs etc. should be a relatively trivial matter that would save users literally HOURS of backup time and gigabytes of network/cloud bandwidth. 

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