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Tue, Jun 28, 2011 10:27 PM


Lightroom: Option to execute command line program before import (e.g. exiftool)

I would like to add the following feature request for LR:
Currently I have to use a photo import workflow through three programs:
1. Geosetter to do geotagging of pictures in a very comfotable way
2. Add a bunch of missing metadata via the wonderful exiftool program
3. full workflow then in Lighroom

Adding and modifying metadata dierctly in LR would be nice but to even come close to exiftool's power is not to be expected easily.
So I'd be more than happy if Lightroom would simply offer an automated option to run a command line (.exe file) with long options list on the to be imported files prior to importing them.
This way I could encase the use of exiftool in LR.
It should be possible to choose from 3-10 preconfigured command line options in the import dialogue.

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Lightroom: Import Actions


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10 years ago

I believe this is a subset of the idea covered by: Import Actions