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Tue, Nov 1, 2011 3:03 PM

Lightroom: Only show the "image(s) are either missing or offline" warning bezel in Develop

I've recently migrated from using Aperture as my main tool to Lightroom. My reason for doing so is founded in the ability to out source and Lightroom's ability to utilize XML files. There are a number of things that I greatly miss from Aperture...

Having the ability to work with catalogs & previews separate from their associated raw image files would be greatly enhanced if the warning bezel "image(s) are either missing or offline" was only present when entering the Develop module.

I regularly work on rating/key-wording on my laptop while traveling. Doing so, I know that I don't have to bring the entire raw file folder but rather standard or 1:1 Previews. Having the warning bezel appear on the image in Loop view in the Library module is a huge distraction and it is an unnecessary warning. Having the warning appear in the Develop module is reasonable.

I hope this helps.

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Lightroom: Ability to hide "files offline or missing" message in LR 3 and LR4


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9 y ago

I totally agree with Christopher. As I have 60 000+ pics in my Lr catalog, I cannot have them all on my laptop while on the road. When showing pictures to friends or clients I cannot simply show them in Loupe view. I know that in compare view the message is gone, but there is an ugly black screen each time I proceed to the next picture. So currently the only option is the slideshow mode which is not very comfortable if I like to switch folders or simply look for pics with a certain keyword.
In Lr 2.x this message appeared only after you tried to zoom into the preview and there was no 1:1 preview present. I would be very happy if either one of these suggestions could be implemented in Lr 3.7 or 4:
(a) first choice: user-definable option (e.g. in preferences) if this message should appear or not in any mode (possible except develop as it could be useful to see it there always)
(b) the behavior Christopher mentioned above
(c) behavior as in Lr 2.x

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9 y ago

I would also like this feature. I am in the same boat as the op. I find myself without my hard drive 50% of the time. I would love to be able to go ahead and flagging my picks and keywording during that time so when I have my hard drive I can go straight into editing.

Please add the feature soon.