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Mon, Jun 4, 2018 1:33 PM

Lightroom: onedrive in offline mode make Lightroom completely unresponsive

For years now I have all my Raws in a OneDrive folder synced with the cloud.
It works beautifully but Lightroom become completely unresponsive when OneDrive is in OffLine mode.
I think It is because lightroom tryes to do background work on files from the catalog but the files are not here.
Onedrive in offLine mode shows all the files like they are presents in the file system offline even though they are only accessible when online.
But it seems you try to wait for the files forever and lightroom can't perform any tasks. There a no messages or anything that would give us a clue on what is going wrong.
I should be able to see all background works that are executed in background and I should be able to kill them.


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