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Wed, Aug 16, 2017 5:19 PM


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Lightroom not merging photos to Photoshop

I'm having problems while merging photos to Photoshop. Usually for the first set of images, Photoshop will merge and I will be able to create my HDR image, but after Photoshop is already open, it will not continue to merge my other photo sets. Is anyone else having these problems? Hopefully Adobe will address this asap. My workaround is to close Photoshop after every 1st merge, so I have to launch Photoshop for every set of images I want to merge after that.


So... I did some more troubleshooting and found out that additional images aren't opening in Photoshop ONLY when I minimize Photoshop after an edit.


So when I'm in Lightroom and merging to Photoshop for the very first time, Photoshop opens with no problem and it will continue to merge new images as long as I don't minimize Photoshop. Where the problem occurred, was after the Photoshop edit/merge, I would cmd+h to hide Photoshop. Once I did that, the next images I tried would not open.

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3 years ago

Hi Tim,

I think this is related to:

I am now able to reproduce the problem with your valuable "Updated" information on doing the edit in twice, the second time coming after hiding Photoshop.

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3 years ago

If you go to Help>System Info... on both Photoshop and Lightroom what are the respective installed versions?
If you go to Apple>About this Mac, what is the exact OS version?
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