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Thu, Oct 13, 2011 2:50 PM


Lightroom: Need filter to view only stacked (and only non- stacked) images

Many photographers now batch process stacks of bracketed files. However, they are often of varying stack sizes and intermingled with plenty of non-bracketed single shots.

We need to be able to view ONLY the stacked image sets. There seems to be no solution other than 3rd party SW or to label all your stacks with colors or keywords, etc. then filtering.

With all the people using HDR this seems like a logical feature to add immediately

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9 years ago

I agree its a hole to be plugged. The 3rd party plugins that provide this feature (e.g. DevMeta) can't detect changes to stacks as fast as native Lightroom can, and so leave something to be desired...

see related idea (and scroll down a ways since it evolved over time):