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Thu, May 8, 2014 5:40 AM


Lightroom Mobile: Please let us start our workflow on the iPad

I am desperately hoping for Lightroom/Lightroom Mobile to support an iPad-first workflow. In a perfect world, I would travel with only my Camera and my iPad mini (retina). I would use my EyeFi card to transfer JPGs to the iPad as I shoot, import the JPGs into Lightroom where I could cull (and hopefully one day rate/keyword) images. Then, when I'm home in front of my workstation, I could upload and sync the RAW versions of the images that survived culling while keeping changes and meta-data.

Aperture 3 (which I used for a long time before switching) has a similar feature (sans iPad app) where you can do an initial import of JPGs, cull/rate/keyword and make basic changes to the images, then import the RAW versions of only the images that survived culling, which replace the JPGs but keep all edits and meta-data intact. This can save a ton of import time and disk space (esp. since only 10% - 25% of my images survive culling.)

Adobe is so close to having a truly useful, game-changing product with Lightroom Mobile. It seems like one tiny feature added to Lightroom (the ability to swap in RAW versions of the files and keep metadata and changes intact) would let us start our workflow on the iPad and leave our laptops at home!

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