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Wed, Jun 8, 2016 7:56 PM


Lightroom Mobile on iOS should integrate with the native iOS photo features.

Lightroom Mobile on iOS would be so much better if it played well with the native iOS photo features. That primarily means two things:

1. Importing photos complete with edits which have been made in the native photo app or other apps. Currently LRm just imports the original photo and ignores any edits that have been made in other apps.

2. Implementing a share sheet action so that photos can easily be sent to LR from other apps.

A bonus feature would be to make a subset of the LR editing engine available as an iOS extension so that it could be used from the native photos app.

For me the most important feature would be #1 above.


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4 years ago

It should really import the iOS edits. Photoshop Express is already able to do this, so Lightroom should be able too. With Snapseed you can actually even reverse Snapseed edits directly from iOS photos, kind of RAW editing just the iOS way... that would be neat as well.