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Sun, Jul 7, 2019 8:43 PM

Lightroom mobile: How to unsync photos from "All synced photos"

I have different collections synced with cloud to use with mobile version of lightroom.

When i dont want a collection synced anymore i deselect the little icon left to the collection. But the overall photos in the folder "All synced photos" is not changing. That makes me crazy.

I want to decide which photos are synced and which not.

How can i switch sync off for a collection (and of course delete this photos from the cloud, but not local).




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2 y ago

Select the photos in 'All Synced Photographs' that you don't want to sync anymore and hit the delete key (or right-click on them and select 'Remove from All Synced Photographs).

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2 y ago

The proper way to stop syncing a collection is to select that collection, select all the images in that synced collection, hit the Delete key then a dialog box pops up that gives you the option to either leave or remove those images from the All Synced Photographs entry. selecting No removes them and selecting Yes leaves them in the All Synced Photographs.

Then Click the Sync icon for that collection to Un sync it. 

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2 y ago

Yes, the only way is to delete them from there.

Just unchecking the sync icon ... does not unsync them, as one could expect.