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Wed, Jul 27, 2011 3:47 PM


Lightroom: Minimize Data on Export does not work

I clicked Minimize Data when exporting to jpg, and all EXIF data was exported as well. I also happened to have minimize file size clicked as well (200k). I am waiting for someone to tell me this is a feature to speed my workflow. Cheers.


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9 years ago

What version are you using? I thought this one was fixed.



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9 years ago

This happens in my LR 3.4.1 Windows 7. I've attached an original image, a version exported with Minimize Embedded Metadata, and a version exported with Minimize Embedded Metadata and Limit File Size To 200K.

Here are screen shots of the export options:



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9 years ago

Minimize Metadata does not work when the Minimum File Size option is also selected. This is a known bug which we intend to fix.