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Fri, Oct 7, 2011 11:01 PM


Lightroom: Metadata Edit Capture Time should set multiple files to the same time

The 'edit capture time' behavior discussed in is counter intuitive and is a royal pain for us folk using non digital source images where the capture time is only known to a day or month or less accuracy. Not having flickr-style range dates is a root issue but the 'edit capture time' setting should IMHO do what it is told - set all photos to a specified time.

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Lightroom Classic: Edit Capture Time issue - Need a way to set all photos selected to same date & time




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9 years ago

Photoshop Elements provided three options -- set to a fixed time, shift the times based on the first photo, shift by a set number of hours -- and I used all three.

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9 years ago

I would definitely NOT want to lose the existing functionality, but I agree the wording is confusing and I wouldn't mind another option.