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Sun, Feb 3, 2013 7:44 PM


Lightroom: Mass sync out of sync

- apply auto tone to all the photos of the catalog (few hundred for example)
- set basic tone roughly for one photo - for example highlights and black clipping
- sync develop setting of highlights and black clipping to all photos
result: more than half of the photos only get auto tone adjustments because the settings are not actually written until you open the photo and if there are more than one adjustment only first one is applied.

Also, there are several idle cores in my processor - why not use them when there's something to do like applying settings? Also I have several gigabytes memory unused - why not use it to save actual 1:1 previews? The program should write preview images into memory constantly so I wouldn't have to wait when proceeding to the next or previous image. At least this should be an option.

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Lightroom: Applying Auto Tone to a batch of photos loses subsequent develop settings


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8 years ago

re-1. Although I've not confirmed this behavior in native Lr, it doesn't entirely surprise me either, although I am surprised a little. - let me explain:

In Cookmark's "percent auto-tone" feature (which allows you to move your settings from where they are toward the auto-toned values by a percentage), three steps are taken:

1. Apply auto-tone adjustment.
2. Assure auto-toned adjustments have "settled" (reached their final destination values) in all target photos.
3. Reverse adjustments by a percentage.

If step #2 not taken, results are similar to what you describe. I always assumed Lr had it's own way of assuring all adjustments that should be made are made, but from what you are saying, such logic may be lacking...

re-2. No comment (except: better performance / less waiting would be good).


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7 years ago


OMG, I have had this problem for months and NO ONE has been able to help.
I can report that I have finally found out what the problem is and a fix to the problem.
To FIX THE PROBLEM of lightroom not syncing changes across multiple images is to Purge the Cache.
Go to Edit, Preferences. Under the Camera Raw Cache Settings, click the Purge Cache button. Problem fixed.
Now we need to ask Adobe to fix this in future updates so that Cache does not have this problem.

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5 years ago

Purging cache doesn't helps. Lightroom 6.1

1. Auto tone.
2. Black clipping manual setting
3. Sync black clipping
4. Purge cache
5. No sucsess


1. Auto tone.
2. Purge cache
3. Black clipping manual setting
4. Sync black clipping
5. No sucsess


1. Auto tone.
2. Black clipping manual setting
3. Making preset
4. Apply preset to all photos
5. No sucsess