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Sat, Feb 11, 2012 4:54 PM


Lightroom: Make develop history searchable.

If the develop history can be made searchable then this opens up numerous possibilities, such as:
- being able to use meaningful names such as "Final" in a snapshot and later being able to find all of the "Final" images
- being able to easily find images that have been exported
- being able to easily identify which images have and have not had a particular step or part of your workflow applied to them


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9 years ago

Searching for pictures that have been printed in Lightroom is the feature I'm looking for, and would be possible if this idea would be adopted by Adobe!

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SQLiteroom will allow you to do this in the mean time.

There is a built-in option to make a collection of images that have been exported, but you could adapt it to find images that have been printed...