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Thu, May 10, 2018 2:53 PM


Lightroom: Luminance Noise Reduction - Masking

Is there anyway you can develop a check box button so that then the Luminance noise reduction slider will only reduce noise in reference to the masking applied in the sharpening panel?


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2 years ago

You’d probably want the reverse of the mask, whereby it does NR on the masked area. Most noise is visible in low frequency continuous tone areas like skies and walls, etc. I find that just increasing the masking with the Option/Alt key down (usually in the 40-80 range) does a good job of hiding the noise in those areas and overall.

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That is a great idea and probably what Matt had in mind and it is something that I, and many more I guess, having been thinking for some time and would be a very logical and easy step in the development of Lightroom.