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Tue, Jul 11, 2017 3:06 AM

Lightroom: LRPREV File taking up 1/2 of drive space

When running LR cc my catalog is in excess of 260k pictures. I started to get a warning that my 500gb SSD  C: drive is down to 34gb free. Running Winderstat it tells me my byte count is 175gb. Is there any way to Compress this File or is it based upon the number of Pictures I have in my catalog? Can I move this LR6 Catalog Previews.LRDATA file to a Larger system?


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4 y ago

The size of previews folder is dependant on the number of pictures in the catalog, availability of preview, and selected preview size (minimal, standard, 1:1).
Simplest way would be to delete the previews folder, set desired preview size in preferences and regenerate the previews (but for your catalog with 260k pics, it will take a while). Or maybe generate previews only for selected folders where it is really needed.

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4 y ago

Without invoking some system fakery, the Previews folder containing all of your thumbnails needs to reside in the same folder as the catalog file.   One choice would be to move the master images to another external hard drive since they take up more total space than the files in the previews folder.   Another option would be to move the folder containing the catalog file and previews folder to another external hard drive.