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Sat, Sep 7, 2013 4:39 AM


Lightroom: LR5 Second Monitor initially not rendering image clearly.

In LR 5, the image in my second monitor renders blurry as if the photo is out of focus although the image is clear as a bell in the main editing screen. If I click off lens corrections, and then reactivate it, the second monitor window clears up and renders the photo clearly.




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7 years ago

Below is how things look on my Windows 7 computer. From the blurriness I see on my secondary monitor version, I suspect that LR is handing off a 1:1 view to the video driver using DirectDraw and the video driver is upsizing in the same way it does for videos, which is to smooth things out to make the pixel boundaries less noticeable. This is good for viewing video but less good for seeing exact pixel boundaries and sharpness with photo processing:

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One could argue that this actually produces a "more accurate" image on the Secondary display at less than 1:1 view size, since the Develop module main display is slightly over-sharpened compared to actual Export output and the Library image. We've seen numerous complaints concerning this issue.

A better solution would be to fix the Develop module loupe rendering so that it is more accurate and then use the same image rendering for the secondary display.