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Thu, Oct 3, 2013 3:03 PM

Lightroom: LR5 Full Screen Preview Mode Problems

working with lightroom5 i normally work in "full screen mode" so I get the maximum space on my monitor.
in LR5 I use the new «Fullscreen Preview» also quite often, hitting «F».
And here's the problem:
•being in «Fullscreen Preview» and wanting to return to any other view (loupe/ grid/ compare by typing «E/G/C»
LR doesn't remember that I was working in "full screen mode" it returns to «normal screen mode» with menubar and window. This is very annoying. Then I will have to cycle again through the different modes.

The problem doesn't appear if I type «F» again to exit «Fullscreen Preview».
But this would be an extra step instead of directly returning to the view I want...

Could you please fix this.

Many thanks,

p.s I'd love to have subfolders for my presets. This would help a lot too.

Here are 3 screenshots:
01 Full Screen Mode in which I normally work
02 having typed «F» for Fullscreen Preview
03 having typed «G» for Grid View >> unfortunately Full Screen Mode has switched to Normal Screen Mode.





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7 years ago

This may be a Mac-specific bug -- it doesn't happen on my configuration (Windows 7 64-bit, LR 5.2).

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7 years ago

Same issue on Mac OS X 10.7.5, LR 5.2

This is quite annoying because I put the dock on the left side of the screen so lightroom goes behind it: