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Sun, Oct 14, 2012 8:36 PM

Lightroom: LR 4.2 export presets column width too narrow.

List of Lightroom 4.2 export presets column in the export dialog pop up window is way too narrow. It should be wider. Either user controlled via dragging or otherwise.
Currently it cuts off after about 22 characters.

This is more than annoying if you have a list of presets with meaningful names.
The only way to see the full name of the preset is to go to the renaming option.
Not good if you want to manage many presets.

I can't understand the "why" either since the total window is not large and being able to resize column widths is commonplace in even the simplest applications.

Is there any way to configure this?

If it cant be solved right away this should be a feature request.




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4 years ago


We have made the Export Dialog resizable in Lightroom 6.10.

Please let us know if this what you were looking for.

Smit Keniya
Adobe Lightroom Team