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Wed, Aug 17, 2011 3:53 AM


Lightroom: Lock ups when exporting large video files

Lightroom is locking up when I attempt to export large (300-500 MB, 1080p) HD videos using Jeffrey Friedl's "Export to Flickr" plugin. I asked the following question over on his site:

"Are there any known issues related to uploading HD videos to Flickr with this plugin? I like to manage short video clips (under 90 seconds, per Flickr limits) taken with my Canon 7D alongside all my other photos. As an example, if I try to upload a 63 second video (375 MB at 1080p), LR locks up, my whole computer grinds to a slow crawl, and LR seems to eat up memory (I have 4 GB RAM on this laptop) until it starts eating into virtual memory as well (disk usage drops by a few GB until the disk fills up, and then usually LR freezes up completely). I tried a shorter video (40 seconds, 240 MB) and it didn’t seem to cause problems like larger ones.
Flickr Uploader Version 20110802.238
Lightroom Version 3.4.1
Mac OS X 10.6.8"

Jeffrey replied, stating that it is most likely a limitation or bug in Lightroom's SDK:

"I’m going to guess that the file size is the problem... the way Lightroom interacts with plugins requires that the entire image/video be loaded into memory before starting the upload, and the attempt to do so is probably what’s causing the apparent lockup as your OS memory allocator goes crazy. I don’t see any way around this (other than exporting outside of Lightroom) until Adobe updates Lightroom. —Jeffrey"

Is this something that can be fixed in Lightroom itself?




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9 years ago

Yes, I'll have to check but I think this is fixed in internal builds, but I doubt that fix will get put into 3.x unless there's a big demand for it.

The approach the code is taking of loading the whole asset into memory (unfortunately the actual memory cost is at least 2x the size of the asset on disk due to a further inefficiency of the code in question) was always kinda lame (if nothing else, it means the read from disk has to be done all at once before it even starts uploading), but it never really came up prior to 3.x, which added the bigger files that come with video support.

For big videos this is, as you note, not very tenable.