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Thu, Jun 23, 2016 12:22 PM

Lightroom: Library - Change default 'Sort Order' after import

Once a user has imported images via the 'Import dialog box' and returned to Library module, give the ability to change default 'Sort' order; eg. from 'Added order' to 'Capture time'



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3 years ago

I too, would like the import dialog to have "sticky" default sort order.  I personally prefer to have the default sort order "capture time", but have to reset it every single solitary time!

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3 years ago

We will discuss this point locally.

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2 years ago

Dear Adobe,

I would also find it very useful if we had an option to change the default sorting (perhaps upon Import or in the Setting dialog), since now i have to go in each folder (and as most people that use LR i have quite a few) and change the sorting to "Capture Time" manually for each and every one of them.